Saturday, August 22, 2009

I need food !
Need foooood ! I believe it is necessary to start the mission now.


Mission: To get pass bibik and mama and tok in the kitchen. Haihhh *

Plan A: Charge ! Attack people who gets in our (fareez,farissa and myself) way .Problem is they're old citizens.

Plan B: Make someone else to do it.

Plan C: Make our own peanut butter. But it'll cost us more trouble.

Plan D: Run. Hide and seek.

Plan E: Give up.

we choose Plan D. it's the safest. of course.
but lastly we turn to plan E, since Farissa's been an angel after 8 years living and said we're goin to damn hell if we proceed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I bought my new Diary of a wimpy Kid !
yeay !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High school sucks

I think people High School is the stupidest idea ever. I think people should not go to school.
Gain free money. I wish people dont get tired. Live and laugh forever. And people should just be happy. People will be happy if there is no high school.

Jamming with them shizznit

Haizz. I skipped school today, with my brothers and went Jamming. Hanging out with them boys are like hanging out with bunch of negroids. I love them. But they're so gay and think condoms are sweet, yikes*

Monday, August 17, 2009

high fuck

I am watching family guy in youtube.
Faqyh's not going to be online for awhile. I'm gonna miss him,
I know I don't usually say this.
But i really meant it,
PJK paper is due tomorrow. PAFETIC !
They should have finished it today instead. Darn.
and i finished to packets of duct tapes today. I am addicted to that thing, seriously.
And craving for more !

Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's because we're different.
Can't you see ? I am weak, I am too weak to be your cure.
Here's our stop. Forever ends here. As i said.
I hate you,

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's so easy to pretend I'm not home when someone is knocking at my door.
I never let anyone in.
I've lost myself under a thousand layers of sarcasm and wit and indifference.
I've lost myself in that tiny little hole.
But I can't help but see the walls are caving in.
And then there was you.
You opened the door.
And for a moment, you found me.
But you ran away.

When the storm comes, I'll laugh and I'll cry and I'll run through the streets until my lungs explode.
I'll run.
The wind is all I have.
I will follow the colors you've so carefully painted around your little head of fire.
I will follow you into the night.
Only when the hue becomes so brilliant my eyes won't shut.
Only when the trembling in my fingertips drives me mad.
I'll know I've found you.

To me, you are perfectly imperfect.
You are strange and beautiful.
But I only can see you when my eyes are closed.
So please don't wake me.
Please just let me sleep in.

Maybe one day you will understand.
Maybe one day you will find me again.
I wish you would.